First Steps – Serving Your Local Hometown G1NBC
You have to crawl before you walk. If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. The list can go on of sayings that people tell their kids, use with their co-workers, and give to others as business advice.

The key to any successful venture starts with taking first steps. Along with a combination of a good product, solid leadership, an effective plan and a little luck, the best of the best can succeed in America.

G1NBC is regarded by some as a large company. Others see it as a model that is unsophisticated and not clearly defined. Still others see it as an impossible and improbable venture to try and make local media using local dollars and compete with big media conglomerates.

We at G1NBC take our local motto of “Serving Your Local Hometown” seriously. That is why you see it on all of our Affiliate Station Sites.

The Global 1 Network Broadcasting Company exists to use media to positively promote and spotlight individuals, activities, and events in local communities in our world.

This promotion of local talent and networks will impact the way the world watches TV. Thank you for those supporters out there who know where we are going. We appreciate your contributions to our ongoing efforts.

We are in the process of taking our first steps on our path. We are aware of the journey that we face. We want others to see our path and join us in this process.

In the coming weeks we will outline that plan on this site. For now, we hope that you will continue to visit our sites and see how we are working to change the face of traditional printed and visual media.


John Spalding COS

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