Dawn and Terry Hubert

Buried in the back of a Livingston County trailer court is a gated compound that hosts antique treasures.

Big Cheese Productions’ Terry and Dawn Hubert have made a world-wide name for themselves restoring antique collectables, including gas pumps, globes and signs.

“We’re regular folk here – we’re nothing fancy,” said Terry Hubert. “But we have a talented team who will work whatever hours necessary in order to deliver a product at museum quality.”

The “regular folk” includes the Huberts, their son and a variety of employees who do tasks including painting, sanding and shipping. Shipments of badly damaged and broken items are trucked in, then the Big Cheese team springs into action.

But besides being top restorers in their field, the team uses extreme humor and funny antics while working.

And they decided to make a reality show.

Partnering with Dale Adkins of Daletec Studios, Big Cheese began shooting the work they do, as well as the back-and-forth bantering by the team. The show, Big Cheese Restoration, will air on G1NBC in March, 2018.

In addition, the team will be posting on a G1NBC site regularly, to keep viewers and fans engaged.

The Big Cheese Restoration site is located here:  http://g1nbc.net/big-cheese-restoration/

Watch the show trailer here:  http://g1nbc.net/big-cheese-restoration/2018/01/09/introducing-big-cheese-restoration/

The Big Cheese Restoration site is offering advertising opportunities, as well as opportunities to purchase commercials on their shows.  Email Deb Drick, G1NBC Executive Director, at: ddrick@g1nbc.us for further information.