“Members of Congress ‘holding secret conversations about removing Donald Trump from office”.

If I was one of the Congressmen considering such a maneuver, I would be quite concerned about my job. The American people elected Donald Trump and, they are very content with his performance.
For years Congress has had the lowest rating of all branches of our government.They are trusted the least,
Remember what the Republicans promise the people in 2014,
Give us the Senate and we’ll take care of Obama Care, They never did a damn thing, Did the people in American rise up and remove them out of office? No!
Now we find out some Republicans along with some Democrats have been plotting behind closed doors, planning to get rid of our President.  Americans said, back in 2016 they had enough of both parties in lying, spending our money, and we prove it by putting a Republican President in office.   Congress has stopped listening to the people again. Time to drain some more of the Swamp. That includes it Republicans and Democrats.
I don’t think the people will approve of the Congress trying to get rid of our President Don Trump. The people love him, He has done a remarkable job in the last100 days.
  • Question, Do we want to go back to an inefficiency congress and a president that lie to the American people like the last 8 years? We want a president that stand up for America, we had a wimp for 8 long years.

Here a message to the Congress, The people in America are in control, We planned to keep our President. You might want to reconsider how important your job is to you. should you try to pull that crape on the people of America?